Since the 1830's VSUC has been focal point of the community for worship and social activities. In the past three decades, the development of new communities have added renewed life to Victoria Square, and we celebrate the changing times and multicultural reality of the community.

We would love to meet our neighbours and would love our neighbours to meet us. Sunday worship is 10:00 - 11:30 am

The doors of the church are open in welcome:

  • For social gathering and activities
  • As a community meeting place
  • For Worship and Fellowship
  • For Memorials and Celebration of Life Services for loved ones
    **We also have a well maintained Cemetery with various options to consider at that time of need.**
  • For Wedding ceremonies in our sanctuary or in the historic chapel


Victoria Square United Church is administered and cared for by these dedicated people:

The Rev. Basil Coward currently leads our congregation.
The combination of his experience and qualifications, has prepared him well to undertake the role and responsibilities of the position of Minister of Word, Sacrament and Pastrol Care. His personal qualities, passion, and his desire to see congregations become living, vibrant, relevant and transforming spiritual and physical centers, is what propels him to serve as Minister at Victoria Square United Church.

Organist/Choir Director - Margaret Mortson
Office Administrator - Roseanne Leadbetter
Custodian - Margaret Mortson
Wedding Coordinator - Margaret Mortson


Church Council - The governing body is comprised of all members of the congregation.

Ministry and Personnel Committee members are appointed by the Congregation at our Annual Congregational Meeting and are responsible for ensuring a harmonious, satisfying, and positive working relationship among the Church staff and the Congregation.

Property & Maintenance Committee cares for all physical aspects of the Church and includes overseeing the Cemetery Board, policies for usage of the Church and its grounds, and short-range and long-range planning for maintenance and improvements.

Financial Affairs Committee is responsible for monitoring and administering all financial matters, preparing an annual budget, approving expenditures, managing investments, fund raising strategies, and providing the congregation with regular financial statements.

The Trustees are the glue that binds us to our history and maintains a solid foundation for our continuing legacy. They ensure the care and on-going life of our heritage..


The beginning of the United Church congregation in Victoria Square dates back to 1832, when the Primitive Methodists first established what was then termed a "class" here under the leadership of "Daddy" William Haton. This group built a church on the east side of Woodbine, north of Elgin Mills. Around the same time, John Wesley, leader of the Wesleyan Methodists, was initiating a new influence on our way of life.

John Wesley was born in England in the 17th century. He and his brother, Charles, preached a strictly disciplined way of life and because of this, they and their followers were known as Methodists. Toronto's early settlers included many Methodists: Egerton Ryerson, Bishop Strachan, and Timothy Eaton for example.

Our Wesleyan Chapel was built in 1845 on the site of our current Church. By 1880, a larger building was required, so the Chapel was moved to a location on Elgin Mills by William Frisby where it was used as a blacksmith shop. The brick Church, built in the Gothic Revival style, was then erected. In 1884, the Wesleyan Methodists and Primitive Methodists of Victoria Square came together to worship in the new brick Church.

In 1925, the United Church was formed by a Union of Methodists, Presbyterians, and
Congregationalists denominations. The Evangelical United Brethren faith joined in 1968.

In 1980 we celebrated the building's 100th Anniversary with several special events.

A few years later, we undertook the "Easy Access" project: this was to be a very large addition to the back of the Church to incorporate an office for the minister, a conference room, new washrooms, and - most importantly - a ramp to facilitate wheelchair access. The architecture was planned with the utmost care to ensure the new addition would blend with the historical appearance of the original building. Initiated by Arnold and Verda Mortson, this project required the whole congregation, friends, family, and community to work together. In 1992, we were very excited to dedicate the addition!

In 2003, beginning with the leadership of our Trustees and then by the Heritage committee, the little Wesleyan Chapel was brought from Elgin Mills to the Church property on Woodbine where it is being lovingly restored to its original condition.

We have a wonderful heritage and have experienced many exciting milestone. We're looking forward to an equally exciting future and hope that YOU will be part of it!