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Policy Standards and Procedures for Collabarium Niche Shutter


  • All inscription shall be horizontal. Vertical lines not permitted.
  • A 6cm x 8cm ceramic for single or double photo is permitted opposite the vase in the lower left hand corner.
  • If ceramic is not requested no other item or inscription is permitted in this space.
  • English, Chinese or combination of both is permitted but must be in accordance with the approved template.
  • No other item shall be attached to any part of the niche shutter or collabarium.
  • Flowers in Vase shall not encroach on adjacant shutters.
  • If flowers in Vase begin to look unsightly they may be remove by Cemetery Bd. Staff.
  • Only one Picture Frame allowed with one or two photos in one frame
  • No ornaments of any type by any means shall be affixed to the collabarium or niche shutter other than cemetery approved Vase and Picture Frame.
  • Cut Flowers may be place at the base of the collabarium in a plastic container. If they begin to look unsightly the Cemetery Bd staff will remove them.
  • Glass containers at the base of the collabarium are prohibited.
  • Candles are not permitted on or near the collabarium.



  • All inscription letters and numbers shall be Vermarco style as per approved template.
  • Only years permitted on date line.
  • Space does not allow months.


Procedure for Niche Inscription

  • For continuity all inscriptions shall be performed by Memories In Stone (M.I.S.) as approved by the Victoria Square United Church Cemetery Board (V.S.U.C.C.B.)
  • The initial inscription is included in sale price of the Niche. (Does not include ceramics)
  • When  V.S.U.C.C.B. has received request from a Family for inscription on a shutter, an Order Form  will be completed and  forwarded to M.I.S. to prepare a proof for approval by the Family.
  • M.I.S. will speak directly with the Family to agree on a final proof.
  • M.I.S will then forward copy of final proof to be approved by V.S.U.C.C.B. At the same time M.I.S. will forward invoice for cost of inscription to V.S.U.C.C.B.
  • All costs shall be paid by the family prior to V.S.U.C.C.B. providing M.I.S. with authorization to proceed with inscription.
  • Once the proof is approved by the family, M.I.S. will contact V.S.U.C.C.B. to have the shutter removed and a time will be set to claim the shutter.
  • M.I.S. will return the shutter to V.S.C.U.C.B. once the inscription is complete.

Pricing for Additional Inscription Services (beyond initial inscription):

English Name Line – $291.75
Chinese Name Line – $350.10
Datelines – All – $291.75

Installation of Ceramic if requested:

$56.65 (siliconed to face of niche)

Price For Ceramics (6×8 for photos):

Black and White or Sepia – $140.55
Colour – $172.03

Additional services:

Restoration or enhancement – $20.98
Colouration of a B&W photo – 20% additional to ceramic
Blending of 2 images on to 1 tile* – 50% additional to ceramic
(*two separate photos being blended on to one tile)
Text on any image* – $20.98
(*text will be very small)
Changing ladies or menswear – $31.47


All pricing above is for the calendar year 2022 plus HST.