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We are a United Church community of faith with a history of service and a desire to live and promote a spiritual way of life.

We are committed to nurture, inspire and challenge those within and beyond our congregation by way of the Christian story.

In order to reach out and welcome in all people so that they might know of Christ, our efforts include worship, study, recreation, support, and encouragement.

To foster spiritual growth in an evolving society requires of us a willingness to adapt and change to meet new needs.

Since 1832, VSUC has been focal point of the community for worship and social activities. In the past three decades, the development of new communities has added renewed life to Victoria Square, and we celebrate the changing times and multicultural reality of the community.

We would love to meet our neighbours and would love our neighbours to meet us. Sunday worship is 10:00 – 11:00 am.

The doors of the church are open in welcome:

  • For social gathering and activities
  • As a community meeting place
  • For Worship and Fellowship
  • For Memorials and Celebration of Life Services for loved ones
  • For Wedding ceremonies in our sanctuary or in the historic chapel